Suellen Cochran Demaline

Local Titles:

Miss Southeastern Ohio, Miss Southwestern Ohio, Miss Licking County Ohio

State Title:

Miss Ohio 1986

Miss America Swimsuit Winner

Suellen is Miss Ohio 1986, and was a Miss America Top 10 Finalist as well as Miss America Swimsuit & Talent Winner.

On her road to becoming Miss Ohio, she held the titles of Miss Southeastern Ohio 1986 (the title she held when she won Miss Ohio),  Miss Southwestern Ohio 1985 (where she went on to become Miss Ohio Second Runner-up) and Miss Licking County 1984.


Miss America Famous Runway 1

The Miss America Pageant is the largest scholarship program for young women in America.  This is what initially caught the attention of Suellen.  Having studied as a Gifted Student In Music at Dennison University from the age of 12 years old, she was attracted to the potential of being able to fund her education with the scholarships available from Miss America and it’s system of pageants.


Through her scholarships won in the local pageants, as Miss Ohio and her awards at Miss America, Suellen was able to completely fund her college education.   The program also let to many exciting opportunities including a contract with Liberace’s manager, many television show and commercial appearances and the opportunity to coach other young women wanting to compete in the Miss America Program.

Her passion is her family.  She is married to her love of 30+ years and is the proud mother of 2 grown children. Suellen has lived in Georgia for over 20 years and has lovingly been giving the nickname “Scarlett Ohio.”

She also enjoys giving back to the Miss America Program by serving as a judge and encourages any young women interested in the program to get involved.


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  1. We remember Suellen as one of our favorites in the Miss America pageant. Having won both swimsuit and talent preliminaries, it came as a complete surprise that she did not become one of the five finalists. How did she react to the judges’ decision at the time, and why does she think it turned out this way? It just seems she should have at least been one of the four runners up. This remains for me a disturbing incident in the pageant’s history. A response will be most welcome.

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