Kim Hardee/Gravel: Miss Georgia 1991

Local Title:

Miss Stone Mountain

Talent performed:

Phantom of the Opera

Of course mouth wide open as always!

Well I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger!  After my year as Miss Georgia I’ve done many things in my career as a speaker, singer, life coach and TV personality. My journey has consisted of recording 5 CD’s with the group Beloved, hosting an award winning talk show Friends & Neighbors, creator and owner of Hardee Girl Cosmetics, and most recently starring in the reality show “Kim of Queens” on Lifetime part of A&E networks. The great loves of my life are my husband Travis and my 2 boys Beau (7 years old) and Blanton (5 years old).



6 Comments on “Kim Hardee/Gravel: Miss Georgia 1991

  1. I’ve just discovered your show, on Lifetime. I’ve never even been close to being a Beauty Pageant Contestant/Queen, but I’m enjoying living vicariously @ 51yrs young *wink, wink*, through my “binge watching” of all the episodes, from your 1st season. I can hardly wait now, for your 2nd season to start!! All kidding aside, I embrace my age/life completely, because it’s a gift. Just like the gift you have, Kim :)

  2. Hi Kim I love your show and your family you are so wonderful and I love what you do for all girls. I hope one day you introduce TV viewers your sons and husband. Tell Alli and your mom I love ’em too. Good luck and please contact me I had never worn make up before and could really use a starter kit. Any extra unused stuff please send’ em my way. Best wishes.
    —— Berly—–

  3. Kim, I absolutely LOVE your show and think you are an inspiration to young women everywhere. Having these young impressionable women focus on the inside rather than their outward appearance is the best thing you could teach them. I’m a 27 year old woman & I find you to be a fantastic role model for girls & women.

  4. Thank you for inspiring all women out there with your charm and positivity. Keep doing what you are doing Kim!

  5. Hi Kim,
    I just love your show! I have never known anyone like you in my life, so spunky and sassy but such a warm and caring person. I love that you are such a “what you see is what you get” personality. I know you are a woman of faith and that makes me admire you even more. If I could meet any celebrity in the world it would be you.

  6. This show has helped me and my two daughters through the worst tragedy of our lives this past summer. My husband was killed in a horrible accident and I have two girls, eleven and nine. Some of the Only peace we had was watching Kim and her family give encouragement to these young girls. I hope I can give my girls the strength and wisdom she so easily imparts. Thank you Kim.

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