Candice Little/Wickersham : Miss Georgia 1997

Local Title:

Miss Lake Lanier

Talent performed:

Tap Dance


My husband Scott and I live in Charlotte, NC with our two beautiful girls, Willow and Greenlee…now 7 and 3 years old. We both have careers in the news business and were co-anchors for the ABC news in Asheville NC before marrying and moving to Charlotte.

After my year as Miss Georgia, I launched my career in the news business and worked as an anchor across the southeast…I was most recently co-host on Fox Charlotte until I decided to take a break and stay home with my daughters.

I truly love being a mom and am so thankful I can be home with them right now…but In my spare time, I love to stay active with my television career.   I co-host segments for the local news stations, work as a spokesperson both locally and nationally including commercials and infomercials.  I’ve also had the privilege of being a part of several tv shows and movies, most recently filming a segment for Homeland.

I am honored to be a part of the Miss Ga family and will cherish my year and the memories and friendships I made forever.


2 Comments on “Candice Little/Wickersham : Miss Georgia 1997

  1. Candace, I presented all of the Miss Georgia’s a commerative nickel from their year as Miss Georgia. Please send me you address and I will mail your nickel to you.

  2. Hi Candice, I was recently wondering where you had gotten to. I loved watching you on WLOS TV 13 in Asheville, NC. I watched you from day one, then your marriage, and then doing the advertising for DeBruel Autmotive. I didn’t realize about your 2 girls, beautiful as you are. I pray things are going well for and your family. I was just curious as to what happened to you and I really do miss your beautiful face and smile on TV.

    God Bless,

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