Camille Bentley Lipton: Miss Georgia 1984

Local Title:

Miss Thomasville

Talents Performed:

vocal, "Until Now"

Special Award:

Non-finalist talent award


Winning the Miss Georgia Pageant was a life changing stepping stone for me.   I grew from a young girl into a confident woman.  Since having the privilege of wearing the crown, I have always been involved in acting, modeling, or singing.  I have been blessed to be able to work in many cities across the country and abroad.

After the crown, I was in a band called, “Special Delivery” with my sister, Stephanie. (She was second runner up in 1982).  Later, I lived in Los Angeles and landed a variety show in Bangkok, Thailand.  Eventually, I moved back to Atlanta and continued my work shooting commercials, industrial films, and print ads.  I also signed with an agency in Milan, Italy for a season.  Years later, I toured with my sister as a back up singer promoting her album on Sony records.  Living on a tour bus was quite an experience!

I met my husband, George .  We dated nine years!  We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  We live in Atlanta with our 4 legged kids, Trixie, Jezebel, Princess, and Orangey.  I love playing the guitar, teaching spin classes, and painting.

Thank you to the Miss Georgia Pageant for all that you have done for me.  I will always treasure my memories as your queen.

2 Comments on “Camille Bentley Lipton: Miss Georgia 1984

  1. Hi Camile hope all is well. If you get this hit me up my niece is trying to become a model in Atlanta.

  2. Hi Camille. You might not remember me, but I was a coach at Brookstone 1980-85. I am athletic director in Houston at Presbyterian School. I remember hose days with fondness in Thomasville. Still feel like a piece of me is still there sometimes.

    I followed your career as well as Stephanie’s. We had so many talented people in Thomasville during that period. It is great to see how your life has been such a display of good character, hard work, and gratitude…good old Georgia values.

    Anyway, you have a fan here in Houston. Good luck and know many of us are proud of you two girls.

    God bless.

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