Marlesa Ball Greiner: Miss Georgia 1986

Local Title:

Miss Southeast Georgia

Talent performed:

Vocal - Amazing Grace

Special Award:

Top Ten Finalist


Marlesa became Miss Georgia right after graduating from Valdosta State University with a Music Education Degree.  Her moving, talent rendition of Amazing Grace, is still requested at every engagement as she continues to perform & minister throughout the U.S. today.  She is a Talent/Interview Coach, Vocal Instructor, & Choreographer.   Marlesa is also Director of Special Music at Cornerstone Church in Dothan, AL.

“After the crown,” Marlesa traveled extensively for the next 10 years sharing her music & message in concerts & conferences.  She has performed for U.S. Presidents Carter & Reagan, was a soloist with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra and at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards. She has sung for the Atlanta Braves, Falcons, & Hawks Pro Games.  She has also been a featured guest on CBN’s 700 Club & the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  After moving to Orlando with her husband, Jeff, Marlesa became first soprano with Disney World’s “Voices of Liberty” a cappella singers until she was 6 months pregnant with her first son.  Once her children became school-age, she put her degree to use and taught music in elementary, middle & high school for 12 years where she wrote and directed musicals each year for casts of 60 – 300 students! But the big news is in February of this year, Marlesa released a new gospel recording, UNshakeABLE.  You can find it on her website at!  AND…she will soon add “author” to her resume’ as she is now writing her first book!

Last year, Marlesa, became the director/choreographer of IMPACT! Show Choir.  Under her direction, they performed to a packed stadium with “standing room only” at Walt Disney World.  This opportunity came through a strict audition process and by invitation only (you can view this on her website).  They also won the National Choral Festival Show Choir Competition with 3000 students competing!

Although Marlesa has a deep love for singing and sharing her inspirational and hilarious stories to audiences everywhere, her heart and soul is her family.  For 23 years she has been married to Rutgers University Scholar Athlete, Jeff Greiner.  He works for former Presidential Candidate, Pat Robertson & The Christian Broadcasting Network (an international ministry).  Marlesa beams when talking about her two boys.  Asher is a freshman at Lee University in Tennessee.  He travels nearly every weekend as an ambassador for his university as he sings with the prestigious “Lee Singers” and he has an undying love for golf and basketball.  Tyse is a 10th grader.  He loves baseball and is a highly sought after drummer.  At only 15 years old, he plays in two Christian bands and has a full drumming schedule this summer at Christian youth camps in FL, GA and AL….but with mom, dad or youth pastor always close by!

Marlesa’s first love will always be her family.  But as her boys are practically grown, her speaking/singing schedule has increased once again.  She is grateful for the opportunities that God continues to place before her.  Along with her inspiring testimony, she now adds hysterical, real-life, day-to-day family stories. She’s keeping it real!!!

A note from Marlesa I will always be grateful to the Miss Georgia Pageant Family & the Miss America Organization.   Many doors were opened for me because of the MGP support and the exposure that I received at Miss America.  The standard of excellence in this program is second to none.  Through this program I…

  • paid for more than half of my college education.
  • saved enough appearance $$, during my year, to pay 25% of my first home in cash!
  • learned how to fly an airplane!
  • gained experience & confidence to pursue my dreams. 

Thank you for all you do, Miss Georgia Pageant Family!!

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  2. I was living in Columbia when I saw you sing “Amazing Grace” at the pageant. It’s still a wonderful memory , one of the most inspiring interpretations of the song by your fabulous voice. So glad to see your life and work are a credit to South Carolina and all who admired you back then.

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