Sandra Eakes/McCain: Miss Georgia 1979

Local Title:

Miss Macon

Talent performed:

Sang Judy Garland Medley

Special Award:

Non-finalist Talent Winner

Sandra McCain at home in Lake Ridge, Virginia, 2014

My reign as Miss GA seems like a lifetime ago, and well it has been! I have great memories of that year.  I gained a whole new family who buoyed me and spoiled me.  Because of the generosity of certain pageant volunteers, I was the first Miss GA to own a Stephen Yearick designer gown! My closest pageant family members were Pat & Joe Johnson, Marilyn Olley Ashmore, Terry Chandler, Julian Green, Parks Rice, Gene Phillips, Charles Chinnis, Steve Kennedy, George Cullen, George Cordino and Louise & Judson Patton.

One stand out appearance was at Road Atlanta as the Winner’s Medal Presenter. Unbeknownst to me…a famous actor was new on the race car scene.  PL Newman! Yes, Paul Newman!! He won three races but I got the real award… A kiss from him each time and an AP photo to prove it!

My one regret that year was not accepting the invitation to perform with the Miss America USO troupe. Later, when meeting Miss America, Susan Powell, she said that her USO tour had been the highlight of her reign! ugh!

After my Miss GA reign, I obtained a BA from the State University of New York with a major in Communications.  I worked in television as a news reporter, weather girl and  anchor woman.   I modeled in NYC and did a little acting.  I formed a professional 60’s style girls singing group, “The San Rah Lees”. I performed in Theater productions in Georgia and on the “fringe” in London and was the lead in the Pajama Game at the oldest theatre in England in Bury Saint Edmunds.  My most important role however was being a stay at home mom, and community volunteer.

After my husband retired, we moved to Lake Ridge, Virginia to begin another chapter in our lives. Steve is now a Government Relations and Policy Professional at K&L Gates LLC, one of the world’s largest law firms.  He works on Capitol Hill with the House and Senate, and with the Pentagon.

To distract myself from our empty nest,  I became a certified/licensed esthetician. Later I realized it was the perfect move for an aging beauty queen.  I work for a Doctor as an Esthetician.  The practice is devoted to noninvasive anti-aging procedures. Come see us in Manassas,  Mclean or Alexandria, Virginia whenever you are in the neighborhood. 😉

Our daughter, Carson, graduated Cum Laude from Valdosta State Univ.    She works for the Air Force Civil Engineer at the Pentagon.  She is also a singer, drummer, keyboard player and song writer in the band “Motion Lines”.  They perform in Washington DC night clubs and recently produced their first CD.

Our son Dylan, attended the University of Hawaii and works for a non-profit organization “Friends of the Library – Hawaii” in Honolulu.  Dylan is a professional artist. He sells his paintings and sculptures in a boutique gift shop on the island of Oahu.  He is also a very talented guitarist, drummer and skateboarder.

Even though my parents and dear sisters are far apart geographically, we remain a very close knit family. I have six handsome nephews and one beautiful niece. We take every opportunity to visit each other…story telling and singing are always the highlight!

When Steve “retires, retires” we plan to move south…..either to north Georgia or to the Florida panhandle.  Any recommendations? :-)

9 Comments on “Sandra Eakes/McCain: Miss Georgia 1979

  1. You are as beautiful as ever. Fun reading what you have been up to.

    • Thank you, Chari. I hope I get to see you in Columbus this June! You look amazing and I am happy to see you on FB! xoxox

  2. Girlfriend (and I still consider you one of my best even after all these years), you look absolutely beautiful!!! As for when you “retire retire”, I suggest the Florida panhandle…specifically, Panama City…where we met and created wonderful memories! And, we certainly have some to tell! (~.~)

    • Kaye!!!! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for several years. OMG! Are you on FB? how
      can we connect from here? Miss you and love you.

      • Glad to see you got my message! I live in the dark ages…don’t do Facebook. But, I did send Steve a message to his work e-mail address and asked him to share that with you. Hopefully his server didn’t block it and put it into Spam. Ask him about it and reply back to me. If he didn’t get it, I have another way to reach you privately. Still love and miss you, girl!!

  3. What an impressive read! So nice to find this info. Do you remember V’s Fashions in Warner Robins? Well a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then! I retired in Panama City Bch. FL and have been here 23 years. Still miss Warner Robins, though.

    • I’m sorry to have missed your post from last year! I don’t get on here often. Yes I remember V’s fashions! Well you’ve been living our dream down in the panhandle! Good for you. We might be neighbors one day 😄Thanks so much for posting!

  4. Hi Sandra
    Been trying to find your address have found a picture of you I took in the 70s (I still think of the time I had you set to sing with the Pointer Sisters and your parents took you camping ( don’t think I ever forgave them for that) Lol Mike (Lane) Howard

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