Burma Davis Posey: Miss Georgia 1968

Burma's head shot

As Miss Georgia, Burma made 5 appearances per week in 27 of our states and Canada. Over the past 45 years, she has judged, emceed, or performed in over 450 national, state, and local pageants. She groomed countless contestants for competition including Delta Burke. Burma has lived with her family in Heathrow, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina. She has had a most varied career having modeled, written and recorded motivational tapes, traveled the world as a Christian singer, owned a fabulous Antiques Shop in the mountains of North Carolina, and designed an award winning professional building in Winter Park, FL.

Burma is a passionate advocate for the arts, collector, and renown hostess. She has over 20,000 films in her Classic Movie Collection. She was appointed to serve on the prestigious Florida Arts Council by Florida’s Secretary of State. She served on the Board of Directors of the Orlando Opera. She was given the Katharine Harris Florida Arts Award in 2001 and was one of three people chosen as Central Florida’s Volunteers of the Year. She raised over $159,000,000 for over 43 organizations in her volunteer career. She was selected as the Orlando Sentinel’s “Woman of Magic”. She is especially proud for serving on the Founding Fifty for The First Academy in Orlando and founding the “Friends of Cypress Gardens” who led the effort to save the Florida icon in 2003. She recruited members in all 51 states and 27 countries. They raised $13,500,000 in a short 3-1/2 months. She was honored by Governor Jeb Bush and his Cabinet at the State Capitol for her successful efforts.

Burma is married to businessman Jim Posey. They have two daughters, Shanna Lee and Summer Lynn, and one grandson Adam. She is currently writing a cookbook ENTERTAINING SOUTHERN STYLE and her autobiography BEAUTY AND ABUSE.

3 Comments on “Burma Davis Posey: Miss Georgia 1968

  1. Hi Burma!
    I heard that you were performing at WRHS on 7/25; so I googled you and found you here. You’re still famous and glamorous. I plan to be at the Follies.
    I know you remember putting butch wax in my hair at your home after the prom That was only 50 years ago!

  2. Nancy this is funny! After 50 years I’m afraid I don’t even remember the prom, much less what happened afterwards! You were a year younger in high school so perhaps that happened during your senior prom with someone else! My senior year sweetheart was Wendell Harrelson. Wendell lived next door when we were toddlers and our friendship was the very first we remember. His parents moved to Macon before we began kindergarden. 12 years later he ran into my Dad at an appearance and asked if he could call me. We dated my senior year and have remained wonderful friends all these years. Wendell was older, a fabulous musician, and the Captain of the Red Coat Band at the University of Georgia. He would have been in town for my senior prom so I can’t imagaine going home afterwards and doing something like that with sweet Wendell. We always drove to a restuarant in Macon after proms (probably the only one open!) and had Strawberry Pie! I do remember a group from Warner Robins going to camp at Rock Eagle during the summer. Our dorms were checked each day and at the end of the week, awards were given for the best kept dorms. Our Warner Robins group was in 1st place. Then two girls from our group skipped the scheduled activities, stayed in the rooms, and smoked!!! That was scandalous in those days! They were caught and their little adventure cost our entire group winning the 1st place award. Everyone was very disappointed and that night when they were asleep, our group put wax in their hair. Perhaps that is what you are remembering! Were you at camp with us? Were you one of the girls who was caught smoking?!? My daughter howls at this story and can’t believe her “Perfect Mom” was involved. But I confess… we did it! I think most people have a “Can’t believe it” story!!!

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