Deborah Mosley Brewer: Miss Georgia 1978


I left Atlanta soon after my reigning year to take a job with Phoenix CBS channel 10 where I became the weekday news anchor. I worked for 7 years and quit the news when my first son was born. He is now 25! I have five children all of whom have played division 1 college sports! No beauty queens much to my dismay! My oldest daughter Ashley is now working for KABC in Los Angeles in the sports department my oldest son Charles pitches for the Arizona diamondbacks. My second son chase is a sports agent InBeverly Hills My youngest son Connor is a QB at the University of Arizona and my youngest daughter abby is at University of Tennessee playing volleyball!! My husband Robert and I pretty much live to watch and follow our children around the country!

4 Comments on “Deborah Mosley Brewer: Miss Georgia 1978

  1. Deborah, what a fascinating family you have! So proud of you and them. 😉 Will you be attending the Pageant this year?
    So good seeing you here.
    Sandra Eakes McCain

  2. Deborah, I presented all of the Miss Georgia’s who attended the pageant this year with a nickel from their year as Miss Georgia. Please send me your mailing address and I will send your nickel to you.

    David Hay

  3. I just came across a picture you signed. It was taken at Dunwoody High School.

    On Facebook look for my name and you can see it posted on my high school picture. Then and now.

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