Jeanie Cross / Allen: Miss Georgia 1962

Local Title:

Miss Albany

Talent performed:


Special Award:

top ten

 I live in Augusta with my husband Richard who is a trial lawyer, Mischief the cat, and a tall Poodle named Joe who accompanies the piano on his squeaky bone.  He’s a big Mozart fan.For the past twenty-eight years, I have worked with the talented, smart, dedicated folks at Georgia Public Broadcasting from my home office.   Watching a wonderful story unfold on Masterpiece Theater and knowing that I had a tiny part in making it happen makes me happy. Our own radio productions and NPR news, humor, and classical music provide the soundtrack for my daily life.

I have served on many arts, cultural, and social services boards and organized many events, but my favorite was chairing the 1994 World Canals Conference, which led to years of exploring and boating with friends on historic canals and inland waterways in the UK, Europe, Canada, and New England.

Richard and I have six interesting, successful middle-aged children, each with a postgraduate or professional degree, scattered from Honolulu to Manhattan, and nine perfect grandchildren. The oldest are two nine-year-olds who live in Atlanta and play on opposing Buckhead Baseball teams – Philip Cronje plays for Storm and Randolph Smith pitches for Thunder, so we head down I-20 to cheer for as many Thunder-Storm games as possible.  Life is good.


2 Comments on “Jeanie Cross / Allen: Miss Georgia 1962

  1. Jeanie, I presented all of the Miss Georgia’s who attended the 70th anniversary pageant this year, a nickel from their year as Miss Georgia. Please send me your mailing address and I will forward it to you.

  2. Mrs Allen,
    I remember having a teacher in the late 60’s named Jeanie Cross. She had been Miss Georgia. A beautiful woman that I remember vividly. My memory has been challenged, the person suggesting that it was Jeanie Cross’ mother that was my teacher.
    Did you ever teach school in Albany, Ga?
    Your picture on this site is as beautiful as the memory that has lived in my mind for all these years.

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