Kristl Evans: Miss Georgia 1981


Kristl competed as at Miss Georgia in 1981 as Miss West Central Georgia (it was the first “open” pageant meaning you didn’t have to live or go to school in the area.) She was also a Talent winner at Miss Georgia singing “Ring Then Bells.”  She was named Second runner-up to Miss America. She served as a Member of the Miss America USO Troupe for two tours, then went on two USO tours with Foster Brooks (who was a Miss A judge) as his opening act. 

More recently, Kristl is working in the non-profit sector teaching English as a Second Language to adult immigrants and refugees from around the world. She sings sacred music in choir and show tunes around town. Occasionally, she rings them bells! Recently married, she’s enjoying life in Dallas with her wonderful husband and two crazy cats.

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  1. Kristl, I presented the Miss Georgia’s who attended this year’s pageant with a nickel from their year as Miss Georgia. Please send me your mailing address and I will send your nickel to you.


  2. A message for Kristl Evans. On behalf of Olivia McMillan, newly crowned 2015 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, I am looking for the arrangement of Ring Them Bells that you wowed so many crowds with during your travels with the Miss America organization. I am Olivia’s voice teacher in Macon Georgia and we are working on her “performance” list. I remember well your engaging performance, and think this would be a great audience pleaser for Olivia’s list. I was in the Miss Georgia Pageant in 1983. Sometime during my representation for my hometown as Miss Dublin, I met you as an emcee or entertainer. I wish I could remember exactly, perhaps it was the Miss GA Pageant. I am very excited about Olivia McMillan and believe she will become a very important spokesperson for the Miss America organization in the future. She truly has Miss America potential. I will try other ways of contacting you as well. Thanks!

  3. You saved my life and I never thanked you for it.
    At a time when I did not know who I was or what I could do, you gave me more confidence and love than I had ever known. Our paths never crossed again but I have this Peanuts card you gave me long ago that says “The greatest burden in life is potential” I have lived by that and remember those days when I stopped getting kicked around and grew up and took charge of my life. You are a life changer, life saver and I will always remember you.

  4. My Wife and I saw you perform in 1983 in Okinawa Ja. We still have that performance on VHS along with Foster Brooks.
    We are celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year and wanted to say thank you for being a highlight of our 1st year together !!
    Thank You for all you do

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