Former Miss Georgia Sign-Up Page

This June we will celebrate seventy years of Miss Georgia!  This is where you share the information you would like to see in the Miss Georgia Program Book.  Please fill in your title information and what you have been up to since you were Miss Georgia.  Please share any details about your career, family life, travels, or community involvement that you would like others to know.   We will post as much as we can into the program book along with two photos of each Miss Georgia.
Although there is a limit to what we can put in the hard copy of the program book, you can share many more details here on this site.  Stories about your reign, photos of back in the day, your causes and passions as well as links to promote your endeavors will be available for others to see right here online.  You can continue the Miss Georgia legacy of inspiring others by sharing stories of your incredible life.   Even though some time may have passed your followers would love to know what happened to you After The Crown!
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Ex: Miss Atlanta, Miss University of Georgia

Ex: Top Ten, Non-finalist talent award, etc.

This is where you brag about your kids, tell us about your career, share your passions)

Photos for Program Book! Upload them here!

Please include a photo of yourself when you were Miss Georgia and a current photo of yourself would like in the program book. The current photo need not be a headshot. It can be a family snapshot or one of you with your favorite pets. (After uploading those two for the program book you can upload more images for use on the After The Crown website, one at a time. Note: Larger images make the form take longer to upload.)

If you would like to add information about your pictures, you can add captions for the pictures below.